Monday, September 14, 2015

Victoria's Secret Haul

Hello Lovelies! It looks like a lot of you enjoyed my August Favorites so I'm back this week with a haul. Though I am calling it a haul, I actually was in dire need of some new bras and underwear. I bought a few different styles and colors but when it comes to this stuff, I like to keep it simple. I like simple cuts and I love nude, white, and black. I am definitely not one for wild patterns. I hope you enjoy some of my picks. I think they are classics that everyone should have! Let me know in the comments if you are a bold and colorful or classic and simple underwear person!

Wear Everywhere Push-Up Strapless Bra in White and Buff I finally found a bra that fits me! Because of my pectus excavatum as well as my recent corrective surgery, bras have just always been ill fitting. I've always worn 32A because that was the closest I could get to my correct size but they have always been too big. Since my corrective surgery essentially expanded my chest, I decided to remeasure and found that 32AA would be the appropriate size. So I decided to order two of these bras in 32AA and oh my goodness! They are perfect for me. I've never had a bra fit so well. I definitely want to get one in black!

Modal Super Soft Cheeky Panty in Cerulean Blue, White, and New Nude
Modal Super Soft Thong Panty in Icy Topaz, Angel Pink, and New Nude I really love lace underwear so I thought these were the perfect combination of frills and basics. These all have cotton lining which is super important to me and they are also made from a super light weight material. Living in Southern California means being sweaty any time you are outside so you want breathable light underwear. These are exactly that! And as the name states, they are super soft.

No-Show Cheekster Panty in Black and Buff Marl I was a little hesitant with these because they are a stretchy spandex like material and that's never a recommended material for female personal hygiene but I knew they would have a cotton lining so I gave them a try. I love them! They are so comfortable and really make your bum look nice. 

Thong Panty in White and Light Nude This is a super basic cotton thong and I love it! They are super comfortable and fit great. The only down side is that they hug your hips so in certain clothing, you can see an outline and dimple where the elastic sits. 

Victoria's Secret has like a million promo codes going on at the moment! 
The Crossbody Bag was free with a promo code
Free shipping with a bra purchase 
$15 off $100 with FALL2015

If you go online to make a purchase, be sure to scroll through the home page to see what promos are going on! Let me know if you get any good deals!


  1. Where I live in Australia, we don't have a VS but I would love one!!!!! They have such a good mix of everything. Seems you got some great finds!

    Megan || Oh Hey! blog

    1. Aw, that stinks. I never thought myself much of a fan. I just thought I can get underwear from anywhere but thanks to these bras, I understand the need for VS in my life. Thanks for reading!