Sunday, November 2, 2014

October Favorites 2014

Hello everybody and welcome back for the Sunday Post! I've decided to bring together some things that I've really enjoyed during the month of October. October marks the start of weather change here in Southern California. From about May to now, it is HOT! October has showed us some lovely breezes and cooler nights. We also got a bit of rain on Halloween night! Speaking of Halloween night, what did you guys do to celebrate? I was invited to a costume party but wasn't feeling up to going out. Instead, I stayed in, baked Graveyard Cupcakes, delivered some to the neighbors as reward for having the best decorations, ate pizza, and watched Hocus Pocus with my mom. Anyway, I don't have too many favorites this month. Just a few beauty and some clothes. None the less, I hope you enjoy!

01| Maybelline Baby Lips Moisturizing Lip Balm in Peach Kiss I absolutely love Maybelline's Baby Lips range! They are perfect for people who, like me, don't always like to glam up with lipstick. You might think from the name that Peach Kiss is very pale but I actually find that it has a really nice plummy tint to it. I think the color is perfect for autumn and especially perfect for redheads. I find that it is neutral enough to not drown out my face yet at the same time gives great color. It is also perfect for weather change! As breezes roll in, it is the perfect product to keep your lips moisturized. 

02| Burt's Bees Sensitive Daily Moisturizing Cream This Burt's Bees Moisturizer is a staple product for me. Though I use it year round, I find it especially useful in October when the weather changes. This moisturizer hydrates my skin really well and doesn't leave behind any thick oily residue.  Another great feature of this product is the packaging. The pump dispenser gives you the right amount of moisturizer which allows one bottle to last you a while!

03| LUSH Cosmetics Sultana of Soap There is no way around it, LUSH is my absolute favorite cosmetics company. I trust their products 100% and have never been disappointed. Sultana of Soap is actually the first soap bar that I have purchased from them and I LOVE it! It has a lovely rich floral and fruity scent. It lathers up great, leaves you feeling squeaky clean, and hydrated. The bar reminds me of Barmbrack which is why I think it is perfect for October and All Hallows' Eve! It will definitely be a repurchase especially as my Barmbrack shower treat!

04| Bath & Body Works Bourbon Butterscotch Scented Candle While I am not usually into multiple scent candles or sweet smelling candles, I love the Bourbon Butterscotch candle! I mainly purchased this candle because it reminded me of my Gran (she loves Bourbon) but I also think the sweet candy smell is perfect for Halloween. I was unable to find this scent on the Bath & Body Works website but I was able to find the 3 wick version on Amazon. 

05| Mossimo Supply Co. Collared Golden Blouse I found this blouse about two years ago in Target clearance. The color reminded me of Crayola Sunglow and has proven to be quite handy this October. This blouse is perfect paired with cuffed jeans or a jumper over top.

06| Brinley Co. Round Toe Topstitched Ankle Boots in Taupe  While the official color of these boots in Taupe, they are a very lovely orangey color. They are extremely comfortable and perfect for October. I wore them often with cuffed jeans this month and received many compliments! These boots will be perfect throughout all of autumn so I definitely recommend sporting a pair in November. 

I hope you've enjoy seeing some of my favorites from this month! Let me know in the comments if you end up picking any of them up. Have a great first week of November!


  1. Love the boots, they are so cute!!

    check me out

    1. Thank you! I've worn them so much this month! They are just lovely.