Saturday, October 4, 2014

Surgical Hiatus

I'm a bit afraid I may have already failed at my goal of regular blogging. I do have an excuse though! My last post was on June 20th and I had surgery on July 3rd. My recovery has been rough, painful, long, upsetting… all the things that come with surgery as many of you might know or can imagine!

I under went a procedure to correct a congenital chest wall condition. While the surgery itself went fine, the results are not normal and in no way beneficial. I have not only been struggling with the physical but also the mental devastation that has come with this surgery. While I am not entirely ready to discuss all aspects of my surgery and recovery, I hope that I can start making blog posts as planned. Eventually, I will write and explain everything but right now, I think it is too much.

Thank you for the understanding and support during this hard time!

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